09 May, 2010

Saga of a knitting project, Part 1

Emergency rooms and hospitals are prime places for knitting.  I know this, because a tremendous amount of my only two major knitting projects was accomplished in one or the other.

When my youngest child was 1 month old, a routine trip to the pediatrician turned into an emergency room visit when the doctor expressed some concern over...well, it's sort of complicated.  My son had hit his head on my tailbone on the way out, which resulted in a bruise that manifested as a large bump on his head (the technical term is "cephalhemotoma", if you're interested).  It was soft and squishy, and was supposed to slowly dissipate, but by the 1-month checkup it had solidified.  So the pediatrician shipped us off to the Emergency Room for a cat scan. 

My husband was in the middle of his Oral Preliminary Examination, which is the point in grad school where they decide either you're smart enough to continue, or that the last few years have been a waste of everyone's time.  I called and left a message on his voicemail:  "Sweetheart, we're in the emergency room with Monkey3 because the pediatrician is worried about how solid this lump has gotten.  Please get a ride over here as soon as you're finished.  And for the love of everything, BRING MY KNITTING."

To be continued...

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