29 January, 2010

What I love about knitters

Well, one thing I love about us anyway:  I have been spending a bit more time on Ravelry recently.  Not necessarily a good thing; the children don't like it when I'm on the computer (because everything is "In a minute dear."  Sort of like "When I finish this row.")  But I joined a few new groups, and was telling DH about them the other night.  And he said "That is so weird!" 

Why, in particular?  Well, because, other hobbyists don't use their common interest to get together, and then talk about other things.  A model train website, for example (he pointed out), wouldn't have various groups for model train enthusiasts who liked mystery novels, or coffee, or...whatever.  Which is probably true.  And then he said "It must just be because knitters are such a diverse group of people!"  And I smiled, because he gets it!

20 January, 2010

The Best Kind of Present

I believe that the best kind of present is something the person will love, but would not buy for him or herself.  Things like a label maker (which a friend of mine was delighted to receive for her birthday this year...everyone's different) or a pressure canner (which I really want, but can't afford right now) are not things I would like to get as a gift.  They're too practical, and I will eventually buy one myself, probably long before I can justify spending money on something frivolous that I would really love to have anyway.

Every Christmas, people who love me ask my husband what they can get me that I will love, and I tell him "I have a wish list on Amazon.  Also at the knitting store."  It's become my predictable response.   My mother noticed last year that the list contains books I added in 2000.  That's because no one has bought them for me yet.  And whenever I get a bit of money, I have a hard time spending it on a book I mainly want for reference, which is what most of those are.  Reference books are a bit too much of a luxury at this stage of my life. 

Yarn is like that too.  (Although I have somehow managed to acquire a rather sizeable stash, given that I feel I almost never purchase yarn.)  It's a luxury item, mostly for the joys of ownership and contemplating the pleasure I will have knitting it up at some point in the future.  I have a hard time spending money on that...but oh, how I love it when I can add some new treasure to my stash.

I was leaving Knit Night last Monday, when a woman pulled me aside and said "I have something for you."  I followed her out to her car, and was totally and completely gobsmacked (isn't that a wonderful word?) to be handed a TRASH bag full of yarn.  That's a lot of yarn!  And it was accompanied with the words "Please don't feel at all guilty about this!  I was cleaning out my stash anyway, and wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it."

You have no idea how much I appreciated it!  It's no secret that my budget, especially for non-essentials and luxuries, has been pretty scant the last few years.  I was so touched that this woman thought of me, and was willing to pass along the yarn she no longer wanted.  What a wonderful gift!  It absolutely made my day...and still brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.