16 July, 2010

Saga of a knitting project, Part 2

Bless the man, he brought it with him.  And boy, was I glad, because we spent HOURS in the emergency room.  I didn't want to anesthetize my son unless it were really absolutely necessary, and definitely didn't want to give the go-ahead without talking to my husband first.  He was also uncomfortable with it, so we waited and waited and WAITED, while Monkey3 played happily with his siblings.  He always has been one of those children who goes non-stop.  The only way to get him to sleep is to make him be still for longer than 30 seconds.  This would be why he routinely falls asleep in his plate at dinner.

On this day, I knitted a sock while I waited for him to wear himself out.  Finally, I nursed him, and he dropped off to sleep.  They did the cat scan with no trouble, and we headed home to wait for news.

The call came a few hours later.  They had seen something that concerned them, and wanted us to take the baby down to Indy for an MRI the next day.  I knew a sock was not going to keep me going through this.  I needed something I could knit for hope, a prayer that my son would be ok worked in wool with my own two hands.  We stopped by the yarn store on the way out of town, so I could wind two skeins of yarn into balls.  I had bought the pattern and yarn for his baby blanket months earlier, and this was the project I elected to take with me to work on while the doctors tried to determine whether or not my son's brain was alright.

To be continued...

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The Craftivist said...

Oh my, how unnerving all of this must be for you guys. I hope and pray everything will turn out all right with your little boy.