06 February, 2010

Surviving their choice of movie...

Tonight was family movie night.  My children (5, 3, and nearly 2) are frightened by any movie containing anything resembling a "plot" (things like bad guys, scary music, or tense moments), so The Oldest decided we should watch Bob the Builder.  I decided the only way I would survive, was to knit.

The Oldest was positively convinced that it is not possible to both knit and pay attention to the movie.  (Trust me, I was giving as much attention as I could handle).  He kept saying "Look, Mama!  This part is funny!  Stop knitting and WATCH!" 

The Youngest wanted to sit in my lap.  He kept grabbing my arms to hoist himself up.  He kept stepping on my ball of yarn, and sitting on my WIP. 

It wasn't a great night for knitting, but, on the other hand, I got more knitting done tonight than I have in the last few days combined...since I actually got it out and worked on it.  So maybe family movie nights aren't quite so antithetical to my knitting as it may at first appear.

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karen_m said...

I found a link to your blog through my blog comments, which I finally read after forever. (Having a baby doesn't do much for my blog time). I totally identify! My three year old loves to watch kids movies, some of which are more than a bit mind numbing. When we put in 101 Dalmatians for the 50th time, I reach for my knitting and have just as much of a good time as she does. (Though not as productive now that my Little One tries to chew with my yarn)