16 January, 2011

Wing of bat

Today, my son asked if he could make a Vampire costume.  I said no.  The he asked if he could make a Vampire Bat costume, which was deemed acceptable.  So, he made himself a mask, but he wanted wings, too.

This is how you make Vampire Bat wings:

First, google Vampire Bats, to find out where the wings need to be attached.  Then take the wing, er, ARM-span measurement of the wingless bat in question, and also measure him from shoulder to knee.

Lay out a large piece of brown fabric, and fold.  Use tailor's chalk to trace a batwing shape, using the previously acquired measurements:

Scold the cat for leaping onto your fabric just as the camera snapped, and try again:

The lines aren't very dark; I hope you can see them.  Anyway, cut along the lines, and then attach ties to connect the wings to the body in all appropriate locations:

I put two at the shoulders, two at the waist, two at the knees, and two at the wrists.  I just cut strips of fabric, and zig-zagged them in the right spot.  This was a very quick and dirty project.  Tomorrow, I'm going to zig-zag around the edges of the wings, just to keep it from fraying.

Last step:  Revel in the awesomeness of being someone who can whip up a pair of bat wings on request.

Yesterday was not a good day, in the mothering department.  My children were ill-behaved, and I was Not Very Nice.  I told my son today, as I sewed the ties on these, that when he's all grown up and remembering that his mother yelled at him when he was little, I hope he will also remember that I sewed him bat wings.

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