13 December, 2010

Knit Night

I had a ball at the Yankee Yarn Swap, and actually got some knitting done, too.  I took my camera along, but most of the humor was of the aural variety, so I don't have any pictures to share.  The only really photo-worthy moment was when one of the older members of the knitting group chose a package which included a...rather raunchy t-shirt, which the woman who put the package together said her husband brought home from a bar.  She had been trying to get it out of the house so her son wouldn't wear it to school, and had specifically been thinking that she really hoped this particular woman didn't choose her package - because she was afraid she'd be offended.  Oh my, her face got so red!  I thought I was the only person who blushed like that.  But I couldn't take a picture, it would have been cruel.

In other news, you never know what you're going to learn at Knit Night.  In the midst of conversations about yarn and notions received from relatives who have passed on, mingled interestingly with a conversation about dyeing on the other side of the room, I thought of a good reason to talk to my internet service provider, the next time they try to sell me a cable package despite my not owning a t.v.

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