13 December, 2010

And on we go...

Well, the scarf is coming along, I suppose, 'though frankly, it's hard to tell.  That Knitter's Black Hole?  Found it.  I wanted to knit it width-wise because I hate having the length pile up, and get all twisted when you keep switching the needles to go back and forth.  I need to learn to knit backwards.  But really, this may be my last scarf.  They seem to come with Black Hole included - they just go on forever, and apparently I have a lot of "Product Knitter" in me, because, well, this is driving me crazy!  I have other things to do with my life than knit this scarf for the rest of it!  (But I do really love the way it's turning out, so I may have to make another one for me...and possibly my dad, because I know he'd love it...I'm sort of a masochist, apparently.)

But that's not all I've been up to!  Tonight is the Yankee Yarn Swap at my favourite (actually, only, but that's a trivial detail) LYS, so I've been getting together goodies.  Today I spent the whole morning at the sewing machine (well, and some quality time with the seam ripper, of course) and produced this:

A small needle and accessory case.  It's a little rough, but I love the fabric, and overall I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  Especially since I basically just made it up as I went along.  I'm especially pleased with the little notions pocket on the inside:

I just think it's cute.  I wish I'd made the top flap a bit longer.  It's nine inches tall, and I think for the next one I'll make it only eight, which will mean the flap comes down all the way to the top of the needle pocket.  (I cut two out at once, so I can't mess around with the dimensions too much, but that's an easy change.)  I hope whoever winds up with it tonight is pleased!

How is your Christmas knitting coming along?

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