25 December, 2012

Christmas Knitting 2012

My family has always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, which is just a smidgen of extra pressure for me when it comes to handknit gifts.  I didn't go too crazy this year, which I believe demonstrates an amount of self-restraint and an ever-growing grasp on reality which is to be commended.

The only person who received a knitted gift this year was my sister-in-law.  And actually, it happened because of a complete lack of self-restraint, as documented in the previous post, so maybe never mind what I just said.  However, showing that my grasp on reality is still somewhat in evidence, the pattern I chose for the two-tone two-ply was fast and simple, and would have been finished in time for the opening of gifts if fate had not intervened.  So, I handed my SIL a gift bag with the admonition "Don't drop the needles!", and a promise to finish it up ASAP.

All I had left to do was bind off the second mitt, sew down the three remaining hems, and knit the thumbs.  I finished both mitts this morning before she and my brother left for her family's more traditional Christmas-day opening of gifts.  She was quite happy with them, and put them on immediately.  It's nice to have something be appreciated by a clearly delighted recipient.

I think my gauge was a bit tighter than called for, and am planning to knit a pair for myself in the same size, but going up a needle size.  I think the yarn would benefit from not being knit quite so tightly.  My SIL's hands are slightly smaller than mine, so I think if I go up a needle size I will get mitts that fit me just fine.  Hers being knit so tightly is good, because hers needed to be super dense and warm for the Ukrainian winter she'll be heading back to in just a few weeks.

This is a super-boring post, and I'm sorry, I'm not feeling especially brilliant or witty today.  The thing about opening presents on Christmas Eve is, Christmas Day is very slow and sleepy.  Nice way to finish off all the madcap preparations, and (since we observe Advent), a great lead-in to the 12 days of Christmas that follow.

More details on the mitts on their Ravelry page, here.

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