03 December, 2011

Ze knitting, she 'as been 'appening

Really, I've been a much better knitter than blogger this past Summer.  I finished two pairs of socks.  One for my sister, and one for myself.  The pair for my sister (the Jelly Bean socks, on my Ravelry project list) was presented on her birthday in August.  The pair for myself, the beautiful Lake Effect Socks, has disappeared into some vortex, which I failed to notice until cold weather arrived.  I prefer not to talk about it.

I also have been knitting for a special little man who arrived at a friend's house this summer.  First I made him Cargo pants, with a matching hat.  The pooling isn't nearly as noticeable in the actual garment; I hadn't even realized it did that until I looked at the camera.  I modified the pattern with a few short rows across the seat to accomodate cloth diapers, and used the cuff from the pants legs for the brim of the hat.  I was actually quite pleased when the hat brim started pooling, because I thought it would show off the colors nicely, where they really just look more mottled in the pants.  I'm not sure what happened with the picture!  Yarn used: Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Natura.

Then I heard he was outgrowing the hat, just as the weather turned cold, so I knitted him another one.  It came out a bit large; it's modeled here by my youngest, whose head is 2.5" larger than the baby's.  Hopefully he'll still be able to use it.  There was no pattern for this one.  I cast on 84 stitches, joined, knitted for a while, then began decreasing at four equi-distant points every other round.  When I got down to four stitches, I knitted i-cord for a while, then tacked it in a curl when I wove in my ends.  Yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash.  I was going for a gnomeish effect.  What do you think?

I also made mittens, but not enough.  So my youngest is wearing the pair that are too small (actually two halves of two different pairs; he calls them his Stoplight Mittens) so my oldest can wear the youngest's new mittens until I get mittens made for the oldest.  Did that make you dizzy?

Mittens drying in front of the heater, after the first (very wet!!) snowfall!  All knitted with Cascade 220.  You can barely see, in the turquoise pair, I ran out of yarn and finished the thumbs with the same yarn I used for the baby hat.

Pictures of wips coming soon, because there is Christmas knitting going on as well!

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