04 March, 2011

True Conversation

Tonight I decided that I should knit a sweater for my husband, so I went on Ravelry to look at patterns.  There's lots of patterns for men's sweaters.  I saw a nice basic v-neck sweater, and asked him, did he like it?  Yes, he replied, that was nice.  I made several comments about the construction, etc., and then pulled up the pattern page.  Looking at the photos more carefully, I realized this sweater has ribbing down the sides. 

I have no idea what my husband considers "manly" when it comes to knitting, and since I know that some men are rather particular, I thought I'd better ask.  Was ribbing ok?  He shrugged.  Did he like the ribbing?  He shrugged.  Would he like a sweater with this type of ribbing??  (I showed him the picture.)  He groaned and replied "I'd like roller skates."

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RacineDKringle said...


Just pick a sweater. Pick a yarn. He'll love it =)