29 January, 2010

What I love about knitters

Well, one thing I love about us anyway:  I have been spending a bit more time on Ravelry recently.  Not necessarily a good thing; the children don't like it when I'm on the computer (because everything is "In a minute dear."  Sort of like "When I finish this row.")  But I joined a few new groups, and was telling DH about them the other night.  And he said "That is so weird!" 

Why, in particular?  Well, because, other hobbyists don't use their common interest to get together, and then talk about other things.  A model train website, for example (he pointed out), wouldn't have various groups for model train enthusiasts who liked mystery novels, or coffee, or...whatever.  Which is probably true.  And then he said "It must just be because knitters are such a diverse group of people!"  And I smiled, because he gets it!

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tamara said...

So true! I never thought of it that way before, but now that you've said it so succinctly, it makes sense! I'm on Ravelry too, but rarely go there to discuss knitting! Funny.